"I am writing to recommend Cheryl Fleischer as a superb candidate for those seeking a marketing expert with a wide variety of skills and talents. I am in charge of a program known as CCVIP, Computer Center for Visually Impaired People here at Baruch College City University of New York that is a component of Baruch’s Division of Continuing and Professional Studies. Since 2009, Cheryl has served as marketing director for CAPS. As such, our program has benefitted enormously from her writing ability, her strategic acumen and her uncanny ability to catch the vision of whatever one presents to her. 

As director of a program that is always looking for funding and as such is always pitching new ideas, I am very aware of the need to “punch up” those ideas and give them the flavor of something new and exciting. Cheryl is a master at this; she takes my dull but accurate rhetoric and makes it “sing.” 

In addition, she’s very responsive and a total team player. Whether she’s helping a marketing assistant to design a logo, or working with me on a proposal or a strategic plan, she is present, smart and always on target. If a question arises regarding some very specific aspect of marketing that she doesn’t view as part of her expertise, she always has resource people to tap, so that your questions gets a prompt and concise answer. 

In short, Cheryl has been a fabulous colleague. Her marketing expertise is stellar. Anyone smart enough to make use of her services will find that the look and feel of their branding is crisper, more direct and of top quality. I’m happy to provide any additional information". 


 Karen Luxton Gourgey, Ed.D. Director 

Computer Center for Visually Impaired People  Baruch College, City University of New York 



"Cheryl makes everyone's work easier. She is tireless and has a deep-rooted knowledge of marketing technique with experience in media to match. I love meetings with Cheryl as I know the objective will always be reached."


 Jeffrey Danowitz

Dir. of Mktg. at Baruch College

"Cheryl is a creative thinker who can present ideas clearly and execute with focus. Her extensive background in Marketing make her a go-to person for new ideas. She has great experience in delivering large-scale projects, as well as a willingness to learn new things as opportunities arise. I recommend her work highly."


 Kimberly Maybar, MA, CCT

Contract Researcher at UNICON

"Cheryl Fleisher is a strategic, creative, and results-driven professional who you will be proud to have as a collaborative partner. She is also an excellent educator so she can help you build a strong managerial communications program that she can brand and deliver to the members of your organization!"


 Maria T. Rivera, M.A.Ed.

Associate Director - Real Estate Education Programs at Baruch College - Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute


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